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3 Ways To Elevate Your Wedding | Bailey Batishev Photography – Destination Wedding Photographer

Here are a few things to think about when planning your big day that will sure to leave all of your guests talking.

Scottsdale Wedding Photographer, Bailey Batishev Photography
  1. VENUE

Choosing an epic or unique wedding venue for your big day will not only be fun, it will also create an insane backdrop for your photos. The more unique and custom the venue is, the more your photo and video team has to work with, creating some amazing images for you to deck your walls with later. A more un-traditional venue can also create more opportunities for fun, not only for you but for your guests as well. The venue is the one thing that will for sure stand out to everyone.

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A photobooth is a super fun addition to your wedding night, for you and your guests. Get a photobooth that does gifs, boomerangs, and everything else in between. Your guests  will get copies and you’ll receive a copy too so you’ll be able to cherish those memories forever. Elevate this experience even more by adding props or a swaggy backdrop.

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An important part of your wedding anyways, and everyone’s favorite part of weddings. It’s not a new saying that everyone will remember your food from your wedding, so make sure it’s good. Have a good food and drink line up and elevate the menu even more by adding a dessert bar, late night snacks, ice cream trucks, or anything super unique and yummy, and  it will for sure be a hit.

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I strive to create alluring images by creatively capturing my couples uniqueness into trending, romantic and illuminating images that will last well beyond their wedding day. My couples trust me to create a signature style for their wedding day images, that will tell the unique story of the happiest day of their life; showing everyone exactly how on top of the world that they look and feel, forever cherished in their wedding photos.



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